Consultative Coaching

Leadership is sometimes a lonely affair.

In coaching, we meet as two human beings, human-to-human. In one-on-one meetings, I facilitate self-reflection and thoughts and ideas arising from the coachee herself.

I offer a reflective surface to bounce thoughts on and off. I am someone who walks alongside you and supports you, whether it’s about the challenges of leading a company, leading oneself, or if it’s about the desire to expand one’s own potential as an individual or a professional. Coaching is work-oriented, but takes the person into account holistically. The service is specifically designed for startup leaders.

I combine mindfulness techniques with a transformative coaching approach. If so wished, coaching can also include consultancy, where my diverse expert and leadership experience is at your disposal.


  • Duration of a single session 1.5 – 2 hours

  • Recommended process duration min. 6 sessions

  • Live meetings recommended, virtual meetings possible as well



Mindfulness techniques are thousands of years old tools to work with the mind by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment. Studies have shown that mindfulness develops concentration and creativity, improves work satisfaction and reduces stress.


With the tools of transformative coaching, you expand your thinking. Your current problems will not be solved with the same thinking that they were born with. You will discover new ways of thinking and find new solutions.

Global Leadership Profile

The Global Leadership Profile (GLP) assessment tool is a great tool when you want to map the current state of leadership and areas for development in yourself or your work community.

GLP is a scientifically validated leadership profiling tool, that helps to outline the strengths and limitations of the current state of leadership operation and decision-making logic. Understanding the current situation opens up the possibility for change and growth.

Through me, you can get the GLP test done and we’ll decompress the results in a coaching session.

Tiina is very competent in many areas and at the same time open to thinking about things from new perspectives. I admire his presence and ability to create a safe space that allows for a deeper level of transformation for both individuals and groups.

Heidi Gutekunst
Co-Founder & CEO, Amara Collaboration Oy