My passion is to help people find their true human potential, the potential of the mind and the authenticity we all have to offer to this world. I want to be creating a better future for work and more compassionate leadership for all of us.

Glad you found it here!

Spark Creators was born as a result of a long journey.

I have been working in international business for almost two decades. My journey towards meaningful work and holistic well-being in everyday life began just over ten years ago, when a series of events, starting from a burnout, led to serious self-reflection and big changes in my life.

This journey brought me from international corporations to volunteering at an NGO in Nepal. From there, I continued on to Rovio, becoming the partnerships lead with the Angry Birds education unit and later a co-founder of an impact-focused start-up. After that I spent years as the COO of a mobile gaming company and eventually became the business coach and entrepreneur I am today.

The journey also turned into a path towards my authentic self.

It also led me to mindfulness. My time in Nepal was an intensive course in mindfulness: there I began to integrate the techniques and philosophy of mindfulness to my everyday life. It soon became the foundation of my well-being and my way of living and perceiving the world – both as a professional and as a human being.

With the help of mindfulness, I realized how immense the potential of our mind actually is. I also realized that despite our different roles, we are always first and foremost people to people.

For years, I have applied the teachings of mindfulness both in my own leadership and in building a corporate culture that supports holistic success. I now offer this experience and expertise to others as a trainer and coach, with the aim to support companies and individuals to thrive.

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Let’s find out how we can create the future of your business better together.

Tiina Rantakokko


17 years of international business (Lightneer, Rovio, Ernst & Young, Posti)

Co-Founder, Lyfta Oy

Ms. Science (Econ.), Aalto University

CEMS Master in International Management

Mindfulness trainer, Potential Project

Global Leadership Profile -coach

Psychology and educational sciences, basic studies

Holistic psychology -practitioner

Meditator, yogini, martial arts -practitioner

As a person, Tiina is genuine, intelligent and productive. Cooperation with Tiina is solution-oriented and takes place in an atmosphere of strong trust that Tiina has the ability to create around her. At Spark Creators, she has found her passion and is able to offer all of her extensive expertise for the benefit of her clients. I see that start-ups and other future-oriented companies in particular will benefit significantly from Tiina’s know-how and experience.

Aku Happo
CEO & co-founder, Smartmile Solutions Oy