Thrive. The Future of Work is Here.

Thrive by unlocking the human potential

Spark Creators is your training partner towards an authentic, mindful and thriving work life.

With the working skills of the future, you’re able to unleash the full potential of your team and make your organization flourish.

Spark Creators develops trust, compassion, and self-leadership skills in organizations. Tools used include mindfulness, transformative coaching, and in-depth business and start-up expertise – all in a package you won’t find anywhere else.

The new era requires new kind of leadership, especially towards ourselves

We live in a constant flow of distractions. The resources of the mind are challenged by the need to be constantly alert, by the challenges of the changing work life and by the pressure to continuously develop oneself. The deeper meaning of work often gets lost.

The purpose is not just to survive through work life, but to experience that it is enjoyable and meaningful. To feel that we are flourishing and thriving.

Your organization will succeed in the future only by investing in people

The success of your employees needs to be made a strategic goal.

Building a business culture that supports employees to succeed creates true success for the company.

As a leader, you need both wisdom and compassion.

With compassionate leadership, your team will cope better and find its potential.

skills are a key.

In knowledge work, your mind is the most important resource and the source of your potential.

I help you and your business

/ from lack of trust towards a thriving corporate culture.

// from conflicts to wise compassionate leadership.

/// from burnouts to a focused, resilient and creative mind.

Future work life services


Mindfulness and
self-leadership training


Solution-focused training for organizations


Consultative coaching for leaders


Consulting for start-ups

Choose Spark Creators when

You want to support your staff’s resilience as well as find more productive ways to lead yourself and your team.
Current thinking does not lead to the desired outcome.
You want new solutions
and more creativity.
You want to support success in your organization by increasing trust, commitment, and enthusiasm.
As a leader, you want a coach alongside you, who truly understands your challenges and brings you to a new level.
As a start-up entrepreneur, you crave consulting from a multi-talent, who will help with both strategy work and practical implementation.

Tiina Rantakokko, founder

I have in-depth expert and leadership experience in the international corporate world as well as in the creative and fast-paced start-up environment.

I know first hand the hectic nature of work, the challenges of leadership in a millennial environment and the pressures of a start-up entrepreneur. I share your experiences and speak the same language.

I offer understanding, experience and tools on how to succeed in the new era. I am your guide to the future of work.

Tiina is one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever worked with, combining a mindful and human-centric leadership philosophy to a tough as nails operational capability to steer even seemingly impossible goals. I have come to trust Tiina’s judgment, emotional intelligence and humanity in steering through any challenge one might think of.

Professor of Practice, Aalto University

Let’s work together?

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Tiina completed six weeks of mindfulness and self-leadership training for my team. Working with Tiina is easy and motivating from the perspective of the whole team. Our team got visible results through increased job satisfaction. Tiina creates a calm and safe atmosphere in which the participants in the training express themselves openly, which inherently improves team spirit and increases trust. I warmly recommend Tiina’s self-leadership & mindfulness trainings.

Piia Suvio
Head of Tailings & Water, Metso Outotec Finland Oy

Working with Tiina has been fruitful and extremely easy. Tiina’s extensive skills and long experience are visible – she quickly gets to the heart of things and speaks the same language as the entrepreneur. With Tiina’s help, we got good tips for developing our strategy and operations in addition to the Business Finland financing we wanted. I have recommended Tiina to all my entrepreneurial acquaintances.

Heidi Leivo
CEO and Founder, Geego Kids Oy

Coaching with Tiina has been insightful and productive. Tiina has the ability to find and bring out thoughts, which I myself have not been aware of before. She helps to structure my thinking and gets my mind calm and focused. I recommend coaching with Tiina to everyone who is interested in developing their own leadership or their business.

Karry Hedberg
CEO and Founder, Vegefirma

We worked with Tiina to create an internationalization strategy. The process required diverse data aggregation and essential crystallization. Tiina has the ability to understand the big picture and see the factors and people behind the numbers. Tiina understands both business and the well-being of people and organizations.”

Heikki Rusama
CEO & Co-Founder,