How to retain balance in difficult times


The past 1,5 years have presented a great challenge for our nervous systems. Constant uncertainty, continuous need for adjustments in everyday life and daily news that raise many fears keep us easily in a constant fight or flight -mode.

That is when the reptilian part of our brain takes over and we get into a state of survival. When our brain gets into that operational mode it’s difficult to think rationally or digest pretty much anything – both literally and metaphorically.

No wonder if we feel tired.
No wonder if our thinking narrows down and starts to polarise.
No wonder if we get reactive and easily irritated.

This is however not very productive for our wellbeing neither our performance. Also, this often does not make us the best of companion for others.

Summer holidays may have offered a much needed break from that exhausting loop, but returning to work and into a new hybrid-reality is a place for a sanity check.

From a mindfulness practitioner and coach perspective, this if any is the time to observe and pay attention to how our mind is doing and how the body is responding. Take a mindful pause to watch yourself – sit down, close your eyes and start consciously breathing through your nose. Try to be present in this moment and simply observe. Feel the tension in your body, notice the wandering of the mind.

By focusing on the breathing for few minutes, you can get your mind more settled. By inhaling counting to four and exhaling counting to six for few minutes, you can balance the nervous system and start to get back into the relax and digest -state. That is the state of homeostasis, our natural state of being.

That is when our body and mind start to relax.
That is when we start to think more clearly.
That is when we can feel compassion again.

When the society at large seems to be in a survival mode, it requires extra attention not to let ourselves slip into that mode unconsciously.

Because consciously, I want to believe, we want to retain our balance, our clarity of mind, and our ability to meet one another with compassion. It requires mindfulness to do that, despite how challenging the circumstances around us are. And being mindful is a choice.

To start, simply stop, become present to the moment and breathe yourself more space.

Photo: Unsplash

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How to retain balance in difficult times

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