Mind­fulness and Self-Leader­ship Training

Leadership skills of the new era

The goal of the training is to develop self-leadership skills and to achieve better well-being, a more focused and effective approach to work, and more creative and broad-minded thinking.

I apply both mindfulness and transformative coaching techniques on the trainings. Mindfulness skills help to discover the untapped potential of the mind. That is why many of the world’s most successful leaders are actively developing their minds and brains through mindfulness.

I offer trainings to organizations, teams and leaders. Team and leadership skills are developed through compassion and better communication skills.

Your benefits

  • Better resilience and well-being in a hectic work environment
  • Unleashed access to the great potential of the mind  – better concentration, improved creativity and broader thinking
  • Improved team members’ self-leadership skills and working methods
  • More compassionate, psychologically safe and functional teamwork and leadership style



Mindfulness techniques are thousands of years old tools to work with the mind by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment. Studies have shown that mindfulness develops concentration and creativity, improves work satisfaction and reduces stress.


With the tools of transformative coaching, you expand your thinking. Your current problems will not be solved with the same thinking that they were born with. You will discover new ways of thinking and find new solutions.

Spark the Mind™ – 6 weeks team training

Spark the Mind™ is a six-week self-leadership and mindfulness power package for teams that lays the foundation for holistic self-leadership, development of metacognitive skills and compassionate communication.

Studies show that with just 6 weeks of regular mindfulness training, we can visibly improve the areas in the brain that support concentration. The six-week package includes 3 training sessions and 3 mindfulness practice sessions. Training is always tailored to your team’s needs.

The training

  • Gives you tools for better self-leadership and efficient ways of working

  • Builds resilience and well-being

  • Develops team skills and compassionate communication skills

  • Teaches you a variety of mindfulness techniques to work with your mind for better concentration, relaxation and awareness. You will get the support you need to continue practicing mindfulness independently.


of participants recommend the training

Tailor-made training

I train teams, leaders and organizations, tailored made just for you. The training typically includes lectures, various exercises and discussions. The duration of a single training session is usually 2-3 hours.

Examples of training topics:

  • Improving resilience through mindfulness

  • Efficient ways of working and conscious self-leadership

  • Successful teamwork and compassionate communication

  • Out-of the box thinking and creative mindset

  • Wise, compassionate leadership

  • Compassionate communication and challenging interactions

Also ask for speeches on these topics.

“The theme was important and topical, the exercises rhythmized the training well and the lecture sections were easy and comfortable to follow.”

“Mindfulness training and breathing exercises were really nice and helpful.”

“I got a positive attitude to rewire my brain and increase mindfulness.”

“A wonderfully clear way to present and it was nice when things were repeated. Indeed, trainer Tiina lives as she teaches. ”

“It was a wonderful, feel-good theme and performance.”

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