Solution-Focused Training

Sometimes it takes a little more effort to solve a problem in the work community

Solution-focused training is about together searching for a solution and accomplishing a visible, positive change in an organizational problem or a growth challenge.

The organization may have sunk into crisis as a result of organizational changes; a lack of trust may have struck or the relationship between team members may have become inflamed, affecting the entire work community. Human resilience challenges can manifest themselves in increased sick leave and a tense atmosphere.

In the training, we set out to resolve the situation with the management, addressing the root causes of the problem. Based on the findings of initial assessment, we define appropriate actions and processes to take place. The aim is to get real, positive change and empower your staff to overcome the problem.

My full range of services is available to resolve any issues you might face. Training process can include e.g. management coaching, individual coaching, group training and workshops.


  • Clarifying the problem. Process starts with a consultative coaching session with the management, where issues are clarified, goals are agreed upon and processes are defined.

  • Intervention process. Process starts with an initial assessment. Training, coaching and workshops will be conducted based on the agreed process. Final assessment.

  • Feedback and review of results. A consultative coaching session with the management, where the process and results are reviewed and follow-up planned.

  • The duration of the training package is defined by the initial assessment.



Mindfulness techniques are thousands of years old tools to work with the mind by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment. Studies have shown that mindfulness develops concentration and creativity, improves work satisfaction and reduces stress.


With the tools of transformative coaching, you expand your thinking. Your current problems will not be solved with the same thinking that they were born with. You will discover new ways of thinking and find new solutions.

Tiina demonstrated genuine leadership when she was the COO of the gaming studio Lightneer. She supported the well-being and performance of a sizeable team, as well as run intricate and complicated operations, such as helping the company raise $7M of funding and launching several games. Tiina is a leader who truly cares about the well-being of her people and keeps constantly developing new competences to build a mindful and human-centric culture.

Lauri Järvilehto
Professor of Practise, Aalto University

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